Culture of the Kino Bay Region


The cultural landscape of the region is as diverse as the surrounding ecosystems. Isla Tiburon, the largest island in Mexico, and the adjacent mainland coast is the homeland of the Comcáac people (Seri), the indigenous people who have inhabited this area for thousands of years. They are famed for their baskets, ironwood carvings, and deep traditional ecological knowledge of the region. Kino Bay and its immediate surroundings currently support Mexican communities of resident small-scale fishers and their families, transient industrial fishers, two Seri Indian settlements, retired Americans, and tourists from larger cities in the U.S. and Mexico. The area is rich in cultural tradition, yet it has recently been plagued by many of the social, political and economic tensions existing in any  rapidly growing coastal region.



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Lorayne Meltzer

Director, Research and Conservation Program Coordinator

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Prescott College
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