Photo by Abram Fleishman,Photo by Abram Fleishman,Photo by Abram Fleishman,Photo by Abram Fleishman

Please check out the list of publications below. An incredible amount of research is being done by Kino Bay Center Researchers, as well as visiting researchers. 

Here is a sampling of what Kino Bay Researchers have published:

Cartron, J.-L., Sommer, S. A., Kilpatrick, D. E., & Pfister, T. A. (2006). Ecology and population status of Ospreys in coastal Sonora. In R. R. Estrella (Ed.), Current Raptor Studies in Mexico  La Paz: CIBNOR.
Fleischner, T. L., & Gates, H. R. (2009). Shorebird Use of Estero Santa Cruz, Sonora, México: Abundance, Diversity and Conservation Implications. Waterbirds, 32(1), 36-43. doi: 10.1675/063.032.0104.

Fleischner, T. L., & Riegner, M. (1993). Winter birds of Bahía Kino, Central Gulf of California Coast, Sonora, Mexico. Ecológica, 3, 29-34. 

Galván, J. P. (2007). California Brown Pelican Nesting on Isla Alcatraz, Sonora, Mexico. Western Birds, 38, 296-298.
Meltzer, L., & Chang, J. O. (2006). Export market influence on the development of the Pacific shrimp fishery of Sonora, Mexico. Ocean & Coastal Management, 49(3-4), 222-235.
Mesnick, S. L., Garcia Rivas, M. A., & Pfister, T. (1998). Northern Elephant Seals in the GOC, Mexico. Marine Mammal Science 14(1), 171-178. 

Pfister, T., Pfister, B., Jiménez-Serranía, V., de-Pedro-Díaz, D., Suárez-Gracida, G., & Duberstein, J. N. (2005). Assessment of the nesting population of Double-crested Cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus albociliatus on Isla Alcatraz, Gulf of California, Mexico. Marine Ornithology 33, 195–197.
Springer, A. M., Estes, J. A., Van Vliet, G. B., Williams, T. M., Doak, D. F., Danner, E. M., et al. (2008). Mammal-eating killer whales, industrial whaling, and the sequential megafaunal collapse in the North Pacific Ocean: A reply to critics of Springer et al. 2003. Marine Mammal
Science, 24(2), 414-442.

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