Vegetation community mapping of Estero Cardonal

Project Description

In January 2010, the Prescott College Field Methods for Plant Ecology class along with two of the Conservation Fellows conducted fieldwork and GIS analysis to create a vegetation map of Estero Cardonal and the surrounding ejido land. 



Project Results

In total, 68 species representing 23 plant families were identified. Nine unidentified grasses and 12 unidentified non-grass species were also recorded. In addition, 12 vegetation associations were identified and lumped into eight vegetation community types. This resulted in a community vegetation map and the establishment of permanent long term survey points that can be used for various future studies.

Reports & Publications

  1.  Vegetation Community Mapping Project: El Cardonal, Sonora, Mexico (2010). Richard Leslie Brown, Anthony Culpepper, Jessie Pierson, Lucy Woodward and David Hanna