What to Bring

Photographing Cardons,

Be prepared with layered clothing, and sun protection. This part of the Sonoran desert experiences climatic extremes. Heat, dehydration, sun exposure, wind, and varying water temperatures are all important factors. All visitors must bring their own bedding; the station can provide cots for sleeping. Visitors also must bring their own towels and toiletry items. Kitchens are well equipped and visitors may bring their own food from the states, buy food in Hermosillo or Kino, or eat out at restaurants. The Kino Bay Center does not have a kitchen staff, so if your group wishes to have meals prepared, we can help make arrangements to hire a local kitchen crew to prepare meals.

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Lorayne Meltzer

Co-director, Research and Conservation Program Coordinator
E-mail: lmeltzer@prescott.edu


Ed Boyer

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