Ironwood Tree Experience

Connecting teens with their community through experiences in nature


A project founded by Prescott College alumni Eric R. Dhruv (MA ’04) and Suzanne M. Dhruv (MA ’05), the Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE) empowers young people ages 12-19 through active, mindful and educational EcoPrograms that cultivate a holistic sense of community. The blend of exciting backcountry and urban experiences creates a diverse pallet of opportunity for discovery, creativity and a lifelong portfolio of skills.  

In July 2005, Prescott College established the Center for Children and Nature to operate the Ironwood Tree Experience.  Governed by an executive committee of dedicated, creative, and influential members of the Sonoran Desert community, ITE is deeply rooted in working with youth and the natural world to develop, sustain, and reinforce connections between self, family, community and the environment. As such, participants in ITE are encouraged to voice perspectives, share solutions, and contribute action towards contemporary social and environmental issues.

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