Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program

Making a Living Making a Difference

Elementary Student Teacher Helping Students,

Prescott College offers limited-residency Bachelor of Arts degrees in four interdisciplinary Areas of Study. Our programs offer students a wide variety of disciplines to pursue, in addition to incorporating interdisciplinary study.  Our areas of study transcend traditional academic boundaries.  Open your world to the many possibilities available to you:

Arts & Cultural Studies  
Human Development  
Sustainability & Environmental Studies  
Education & Teacher Preparation Program

Each of these programs is designed for students of all ages who wish to complete a B.A. without having to relocate or interrupt their careers to reach their goal.

Distance Learning with a Difference

As long ago as 1978, Prescott College recognized that highly motivated working adults needed another way to earn college degrees. Since then the invention of the internet has led to an explosion of fast-paced, purely online degree programs. But Prescott College has steadfastly made face-to-face, high-touch, individualized learning the centerpiece of its limited-residency program.

After more than 30 years, working adults still approve of that approach. In a recent national survey of students enrolled in distance programs, LRUP students reported significantly higher satisfaction with their program at Prescott College compared to their peers at other institutions. In yet another independent survey of current students, alumni, and LRUP mentors, more than 90% of those randomly interviewed strongly agreed that the LRUP “is sensitive to the needs of working adults.”


How does it work?

Students work toward a degree with the help of their faculty advisor to successfully complete:

  • A core curriculum in their chosen Area of Study;
  • An individualized degree plan;
  • A three-day residency in Prescott, Arizona;
  • Senior Project or Student Teaching
  • Other degree requirements

Among other degree requirements, all students must earn at least 120 credits, including transfer credits from other accredited institutions, and attend the three-day residency event in Prescott, AZ at the start of their programs. Most students begin with 40-60 transfer credits and complete their degree requirements in one to two calendar years. The Life Experience Documentation process offers students another way to gain college credit for their prior learning experiences.

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