On-Campus Undergraduate Programs


Prescott College’s On-Campus Undergraduate Program offers a four-year liberal arts program preparing students to be life-long learners and critical thinkers in a broad, interwoven range of models of inquiry: literary, scientific, artistic, social, spiritual, and physical.  The College emphasizes the interdisciplinary connections rather than the distinctions between these ways of understanding the world.

On-Campus Undergraduate students earn the Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in a wide variety of areas of study such as Adventure Education, Arts & Letters, Cultural and Regional Studies, Education, Environmental Studies, and Psychology and Human Development.

On-Campus Undergraduate students may also earn the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees (BFA) through the Arts & Letters area of study in Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters.

Prescott College’s On-Campus Undergraduate Programs are designed for students with excellent potential who want the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, skills, or experience and develop their talents for (1) personal enrichment, (2) preparation for graduate school, and/or (3) preparation for a professional career.  


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  • Wanda Peters 1980

    Do what you are passionate about, take the time to figure out what gives you the most joy and satisfaction, and do work that is in line with what ...    Learn more >

  • Josephine Arader

    Josephine Arader, no doubt, took inspiration from her father Graham's devotion to the art of the natural world. ...    Learn more >

  • Dillon Metcalfe (Kelly Megan Stack Scholarship Recipient)

    Kelly Megan Stack Scholar, Dillon Metcalfe finished high school in2004 and decided to take a break to examine his interests in and ...    Learn more >

  • David Meeks

    Several years ago David and his siblings visited the Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies on the Gulf Coast of ...    Learn more >

  • Norman Treager

    Norman L. Traeger was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Prescott College for his lifetime of philanthropic efforts ...    Learn more >

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