"Natural History is a practice of intentional, focused attentiveness and receptivity to the more-than-human world, guided by honesty and accuracy."

The Natural History Institute at Prescott College is dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of natural history. All students, guest researchers, and area residents are invited to utilize the Institute as a place to collaborate on projects, share information, pursue research questions and ecological curiosities, and become inspired to better know the world around them.

Resources offered to students and community patrons of the Natural History Institute include:

• Exhibits on art, science, and culture, including the Josephine Michell Arader Collection of historically significant natural history art
• Guest lectures
• Research support
• Multi-disciplined classes in natural history education
• Outdoor programming
• Archives of field notes and slides from the binational Southwest
• Digital and physical collections of biota of the Arizona Central Highlands and adjacent ecoregions


From ecology to art, the practice of natural history in the field is a long tradition at Prescott College. Time spent outside, observing the diverse array of life in our communities, and on our planet, leads to a sense of kinship and responsibility for conservation of all life.

Other academic institutions continue to scale down their field studies, despite the urgent need to better understand our world and to know its inhabitants.

We invite you to become a part of the resurgence of natural history. Your donation will help us expand the programming, and resources we offer.

Natural History Collections

The Natural History Institute at Prescott College has a new herbarium and more in their collections. Program Coordinator, Lisa Zander brings us behind the scenes of its creation, while describing how it came to be and why it is so important.

Natural History Institute Events

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Gallery Hours

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(except holidays)

312 Grove Ave.

Contact the Natural History Institute

Tom Fleischner, Ph.D., Director

Lisa Zander, Program Coordinator



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