50th Anniversary

Pollinator Garden & Monarch Waystation

The final frontier of developing the Natural History Institute’s facilities lies on the bare mulched ground just outside the doors of our gallery and lab. Early in 2015, we began actualizing our long-time vision to create a pollinator garden and Monarch Waystation in this area, to serve as a nearby space for spontaneous natural history experiences, ongoing citizen science projects, and for facilitated workshops about plants, insects, animals, and the relationships between them. Additionally, our pollinator garden will create valuable habitat for an imperiled group of insects that in turn keep native plant communities healthy and bring our food plants to bear fruit. 

In March and April 2015, we installed our experimental "bee mound" to provide habitat for ground-nesting bees, as are most native bees; as well as sowed seeds of six species of native wildflowers.

This project was made possible thanks to a generous grant by the Prescott College Sustainability Council, and by donors to our 2014 "Second Spring" fundraising campaign. 

Resources for Central Arizona Pollinator Gardens