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Parents, family, and friends of incoming Prescott College Resident Undergraduate students can receive updates on their new students' experiences on Orientation.  Explore the photo albums below to learn more about how students are connecting to their new home in the Southwest and their new learning community at Prescott College on Wilderness Orientation and Community Based Orientation.  Questions or concerns?  Contact the Orientation Director, Cecil Goodman at cgoodman@prescott.edu or 928-350-2305.

Visit the Resident Undergraduate Orientation page for an introduction on the orientation experience.


Orientation Resupply

September 13, 2017 :

Hi Everyone! Wilderness Orientation Resupply happened this weekend across/near the Mogollon Rim in Central Arizona.  Course Directors brought food, gear, your letters and packages, and hot meals to students in their respective course areas to gear up for the second leg of their journey on Orientation.   Here is a Map you can check out for a sense of where the students were for Resupply.  Students hiked throughout the canyons and mountains to meet course directors near Payson, Bear Flat (Tonto National Forests) Happy Jack.

Students are now hiking to their solo sites - designated personal camping sites within hearing distance of their instructor's basecamp.  They will spend 3 days and 3 nights on solo before they begin the final leg of their backpacking trip.   

Community Based Orientation students are visiting different places this week - including the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to discuss how place affects community and Juniper Wells Ranch - to participate in a service project and learn about the equine therapy program that exists there.

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Orientation Update: Students left for the field on Friday, September 1st!

September 2, 2017 :

Wilderness Orientation students left for the field on FridaySeptember 1st.  They will be backpacking across the mountains and in the canyons of the Mogollon Rim until Thursday, September 21st.  They will not have cell phone or email access until then.  Groups have the gear (tents, layers, fuel) that they need to be in remote backcountry conditions.  Your Orientation student will have great stories to tell!

Community Based Orientation-Prescott students are based in Prescott for the entire Orientation.  You can always reach them!  They will be visiting amazing places around Central Arizona this month.



Sending Mail to Students on Wilderness Orientation for RESUPPLY!

September 2, 2017 :

Resupply packages and letters must be on campus by Tuesday, September 5th in order to reach students in the field for Resupply.  If you want to send your student a small package or note, please address all resupply mail to:

Student c/o Wilderness Orientation
Prescott College
220 Grove Avenue 
Prescott, AZ 86301

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