Orientation Updates

Parents, family, and friends of incoming Prescott College Resident Undergraduate students can receive updates on their new students' experiences on Orientation.  Explore the photo albums below to learn more about how students are connecting to their new home in the Southwest and their new learning community at Prescott College on Wilderness Orientation and Community Based Orientation.  Questions or concerns?  Contact the Orientation Director, Cecil Goodman at cgoodman@prescott.edu or 928-350-2305.

Visit the Resident Undergraduate Orientation page for an introduction on the orientation experience.


Orientation Update: Students in the Field!

January 30, 2018 :

Wilderness Orientation students left for the field early in the morning on FridayJanuary 19th.  They were resupplied at Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research this past weekend .  Now they are backpacking in the Santa Maria Mountains until Wednesday, February 7th.  They will not have cell phone or email access until then.  Groups have the gear (tents, layers, fuel) that they need to be in remote backcountry conditions.  Your Orientation student will have great stories to tell!

**Student photos will be posted when they return.  There were difficulties in getting photos from both groups.  Sorry for the delay!






Route Update - Students Rerouted to the Santa Maria Mountains in Central AZ

January 30, 2018 :

For Winter Wilderness Orientation, groups start in Grand Canyon National Park in north-central Arizona.  After nine days, they usually head south to the Superstition Mountains southeast of Phoenix, Arizona.

Map of Winter Wilderness Orientation Routes

This year, however, due to climatic change and the La Nina weather pattern, there is a subsequent drought in the Southwest.  We determined that there is not enough water in the Superstition Mountains to safely run Orientation in this area.  Instead, students have been rerouted to the Santa Maria Mountains in Central Arizona. This is a historical Orientation route that stretches from the Pinyon and Juniper forests and spring-fed canyons of the Central Arizona Highlands, to the edge of the Lower Sonoran and Mojave Deserts along the Santa Maria River.  A beautiful, wild, and remote route, the Santa Maria will be an adventurous experience close to home in our own Prescott National Forest.  Check out this link to get a better idea of where these students are: 




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