Orientation Updates

Parents, family, and friends of incoming Prescott College Resident Undergraduate students can receive updates on their new students' experiences on Orientation.  Explore the photo albums below to learn more about how students are connecting to their new home in the Southwest and their new learning community at Prescott College on Wilderness Orientation and Community Based Orientation.  Questions or concerns?  Contact the Orientation Director, Cecil Goodman at cgoodman@prescott.edu or 928-350-2305.

Visit the Resident Undergraduate Orientation page for an introduction on the orientation experience.


Fall 2018 Orientation Update

August 31, 2018 :

Wilderness Orientation students left for the field today, August 31st, to begin their 21-day backpacking course in the creeks and canyons of the Mogollon Rim.  They will be out of email and cell phone service until September 20th.  Wish them luck out there!

Community-Based Orientation Groups will be in town (with some overnight field trips) for the 21 days of Block.  You can talk to them whenever they pick up their phones!




September 11, 2018 :

Resupply for Wilderness Orientation groups occurred this past weekend across the Mogollon Rim at different course areas.  Students hiked into resupply and were met by course directors with supplies, food, and goodies.  There are photos posted in the albums below.  FYI - if you don't see your student here, it doesn't mean we don't care about them; it just means we don't have a picture of them. 


Orientation Photo Galleries