Prescott College was founded upon a single truth: to make positive change in communities, across the country, and around the globe.

A Community of Changemakers

For more than 60 years, our students, professors, staff, and alumni have forged a passionate community of changemakers, determined to face our changing world head-on. We work together to challenge the status quo, find innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems, and make long-lasting impacts in social justice and environmental sustainability.

We do it in the breathtaking natural settings of Northern Arizona, a constant reminder of our collective purpose. We do it through creativity, empathy, and adventurous hands-on experiences that allow us to each grow while making a difference along the way. If this sounds like you, grab your dreams and your goals, we’ve got work to do.

Campus Nature

The Core Values

The core values of Prescott College, community, inclusivity, justice, individualized education, sustainability, and creativity have endured over the years and guided our path. We encourage a culture of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation by teaching courses that challenge established norms and paradigms and support students in finding their unique learning pathways.”

- Barbara Morris, Ph.D

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Our Mission

Together we create interdisciplinary, experiential, and diverse learning environments that inspire future leaders to create a healthy, just, and sustainable world.

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Our Vision

Prescott College will be recognized as the leader in experiential and collaborative education, creating opportunities for students to effect positive change in education, the environment, and society.

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Our Values

We nurture healthy, diverse relationships with respect and support both inside and outside the college.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Prescott College has a long-standing commitment to racial justice, equity and inclusion working with diverse students, collaborating with diverse communities and building solidarity across the intersections of identities and issues toward a more just society.


It is not enough to prepare you for the future, we must prepare the world for the future too. That’s why at Prescott College, sustainability isn’t just another buzzword: it's our call to action, our badge of honor, and our way of life. We place the highest value on social and environmental justice.

Our Community in a Video

Our campus is located in the mountain town of Prescott, Arizona, nestled between the ponderosa forests and grasslands at the confluence of the Granite Creek watershed. The mile-high city is ranked a Top Adventure Town by National Geographic Adventure magazine, and one of the Top 7 Trail Towns according to Trail Runner magazine.

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