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Academics at Prescott College

No two Prescott College students are the same -

why would their degrees be?

At Prescott College, education is personal. Forget a standard, one-size-fits-all degree. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to craft a degree plan that is as unique as you are. You won’t be limited to a single area of study in building your plan either, so let your passions and interests guide you.

Regardless of your area of study, all Prescott College programs have an experiential component - giving you valuable experience in your field. Whether you’re kayaking in the Gulf of California or learning on the streets of Skid Row in LA, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore your world. At the end of your journey you won’t just have a degree, you’ll have a competence that will help you be successful in your next steps – whether that's in your career or in graduate school.