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Career Outcomes


Effecting Change Throughout the World

You’ll find Prescott College graduates making an impact around the country and the world. Our passionate alumni are sparking change in communities. They are educators, activists, adventurers, conservationists, counselors, artists, and politicians. They can be found making a difference in businesses, nonprofit organizations, and in government agencies.

Prescott College alumni have written for the New York Times, they’ve shown off their survivalist skills on the History Channel’s “Alone”, they’ve served as United States Senators, and they’ve performed alongside Frank Zappa. 

Notable alumni: 

United States Senator Tom Udall, ' 70 

Award-winning artist Belize Brother '72

CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Salz '74

Breast-cancer activist and artist Matuschka (Joanne Motichka) '74

United States ambassador to South Korea from 2008- 2011, Kathleen Stephens '74

Research Ecologist and Climate Change Research Coordinator, Dan Fagre '75

Author, speaker, and grizzly bear attack survivor, Dan Bigley '01 

Writer and conservationist, Brendan Buzzard '06

Journalist Ezra Kaplan '12