Exchange Opportunities


Prescott College is a member of two major college consortia, the EcoLeague and the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL), as well as having access to the Consortium for North American Sustainability, giving students access to vastly different campus cultures. Students also have opportunities to participate in an exchange program with the University College of Southeast Norway. Via these temporary student exchange programs, students experience different political and social milieus and develop a rich comparative intellectual perspective. In addition to these exchange opportunities, students can also study abroad to gain new perspectives and expand their world view.

The EcoLeague Student Exchange offers undergraduate students access to study in environments ranging from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts and from the subtropics to the subarctic. Students in any field can take advantage of working with talented faculty in a broad array of disciplines at other institutions. The six small, student-centered colleges in the EcoLeague share the goals of seeking solutions to contemporary environmental problems and of raising environmental awareness. The institutions also share similar missions and values regarding social change and in preparing students to build sustainable communities.  The Student Exchange, which is for a maximum of two, non-consecutive semesters, is open to any student who has successfully completed at least his/her freshman year and who can clearly articulate in the application how he/she would benefit from this opportunity.

EcoLeague Member Institutions

CIEL is a working group of twelve institutions and programs that trace their roots to the best of innovative and reform practice in American higher education. We’re not easily categorized as we excel in different ways, but we’re all deeply and richly student-centered in our practice. Constantly seeking for authentic teaching, assessment, interdisciplinary and experiential learning techniques, we’ve come together to learn from each other and maximize our impact on U.S. higher education. Students are able to participate in exchange programs with the other member institutions.