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Calvin Centáe Richards

Faculty / Director, Education and Professional Preparation

Calvin Centáe Richards
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220 Grove Ave.
Prescott, AZ 86301

Centáe Richards, Ph.D. is a dynamic public speaker and professional development facilitator in the fields of sociology and education. A Caribbean-American epistemologist by trade with over 15 years of experience, Dr. Richards has invited students and communities to probe deeper and tackle some of the most challenging issues in the education and the public sphere. Dr. Richards holds a Bachelors of Arts in Human Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Prescott College, a Master of Arts in Bilingual Education, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree from Arizona State University. Dr. Richards specializes in the resolution of social issues of inclusion and diversity that often materialize in education spaces. He has previously worked with K-12 students, staff, teachers, principals, coordinators, operations managers, human resource specialists, district directors, school district office officials, and board members. Dr. Richards also holds multiple administrative education licenses, and has worked for many years as a public servant and administrator in the states of Oregon and Arizona. Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr Richards has served in the capacities of a mentor, educator, professor, and school district director.

His developing research agenda makes use of education theory and narrative inquiry for the benefit of social justice, agency, and personal growth for students in underserved and underprivileged factions of society in education. His current lines of research revolve around ethnographic representations of inner-city youth identities and their the education system. His research agenda strives to understand how culturally responsive pedagogy can help play a role in the cognitive and social development of urban youth. Dr. Richards currently looks for ways that adolescents use their ethnic and cultural identities in educational settings to create spaces of agency and alternative forms of learning that can inform and guide more traditional forms of curriculum in the classroom. 



Master of Education-Educational Leadership Administrative Leadership. Prescott College, Prescott Arizona

Master Thesis: Documenting the Design of a New District Equity Department.


Doctor of Philosophy – Education

Curriculum & Instruction (Curriculum Studies). Arizona State University Doctoral Dissertation: The BET Connection: Global Hegemony as Experienced in the Life Histories of Kriol Youth in Belize City. Dissertation Defense

Master of Arts – Curriculum & Instruction

Bilingual Education. Arizona State University:

Master Thesis: Perpetuating Linguicism: Education. Advertising and English Language Minorities. Approved:

Bachelor of Arts –Liberal Arts & Sciences

Communication/ Spanish Education: University of Illinois at Chicago Certificate of Fluency, Universidad de Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain Completion of Fluency Studies overseas in written and spoken Spanish Series 6 & series 63 federal and state financial licenses

State of Oregon Administrative Credentials:

Administrator License

State of Arizona Administrative Credentials:

Principal's Certification

State of Arizona Teaching Credentials:

Administrator License (Current) Secondary Ed. Teaching Certificate Social Studies Subject Area Endorsement

Bilingual Education Teaching Endorsement Spanish Teaching Endorsement

Emergency Teaching Certificate






District Executive Cabinet

  • Reviewed and analyzed district policy with a lens for educational equity
  • Audited /suggested edits for district policy for educational equity
  • Problem solved daily district business with Superintendent and district leadership
  • Prepared Board Reports for Equity, ELD and Language Services
  • Prepared Cabinet-level reports and presentations for leadership consumption
  • Collaborated with Cabinet members to prepare annual district & budgetary goals

Reynolds School District –Director of Equity & Compliance (continued) 

  • Collaboratively vetted major district decision for equity and OCR compliance
  • Served as primary advisor to the Superintendent for equity and compliance issues
  • Converted state, federal and local equity policy into district procedures

Academic Directors Unit

  • Served as primary point of contact for Equity Department decisions
  • Identified, contracted, & evaluated community based organizations working in district
  • Set equity goals, directives, and action plans for principal leadership
  • Implemented the Superintendent’s Action Plan as set by the RSD Board
  • Supervised committee work and effort across the district
  • Collaboratively worked to address equity issues rising to district level
  • Reviewed district wide test and assessment data to redirect academic priorities
  • Reviewed equity policy and procedures with over 50 school district administrators

Equity Division

  • Directed the general vision and direction of Reynolds equity
  • Designed and led all education equity training for district administration
  • Annually set and managed goals for the Superintendent’s Equity Plan
  • Collaborated with department heads to devise site-based equity plans
  • Supervised training opportunities for all classified and certified staff (1000 +)
  • Represented the district at community meetings on behalf of equity/diversity/inclusion
  • Served as liaison for equity between the district and state, local and federal agencies
  • Oversaw all district equity initiatives and their committees
  • Analyzed and problem solved district disparity issues
  • Evaluated program effectiveness through equity site-visits and on-site coaching
  • Investigated civil rights complaints
  • Served as lead for teachers and administrators at equity related conferences
  • Audited school and district handbooks for equity compliance
  • Facilitated the distribution of equity materials for all district employees
  • Created & accounted for the $7 million equity budget and budget narratives
  • Oversaw the RSD Annual Equity Conference
  • Edited the district’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Collaborated with district leadership and stakeholders for systemic sustainability
  • Established leadership and retention programs for minority staff
  • Negotiated contracts with community vendors that advance district equity goals

Division of English Language Development (ELD) and Dual Immersion

  • Supervised compliance and instructional administrative staff (70 individuals)
  • Created and managed the ELD budget of over $6 million
  • Procured supplemental federal grant dollars for English Learners (Title III)
  • Oversaw federal and state compliance for 60 ESOL teachers
  • Set the ELD professional development initiatives
  • Directed the district instructional and service delivery model for ELD
  • Wrote and submitted the Local English Language Learner Plan to Oregon Dept of
  • Set program entry and exit criteria for English Learners in the district
  • Consulted with Cabinet and Academic Unit teams on behalf of English Learners
  • Represented the district on matters of English Language Development
  • Organized parents of English Language Learners and minority students
  • Oversaw Federal and State Compliance of all district level procedures
  • Acted as the hiring administrator for all English Language Development staff
  • Ensured multiple pathways for graduation for English Learners and minority students
  • Monitored English learner performance data and recommended program changes

Reynolds School District –Director of Equity & Compliance (ELD

  • Oversaw the creation and maintenance of the Reynolds Bilingual Programs
  • Provided funding and professional development for bilingual teachers
  • Supervised the Seal of Bi-literacy program for high school students
  • Managed outside grant program opportunities for English Language Development

Language Services Division

  • Supervised all language support staff in the district (over 150 individuals)
  • Negotiated and maintained all language support contracts
  • Managed the distribution of language interpreters for over 65 student languages
  • Directed district document translation services for all schools and offices
  • Administered funding for extra curricular language and cultural events
  • Provided professional development opportunities for language support staff
  • Evaluated language support staff through collaborative goal setting
  • Created and maintained all language services procedures
  • Provided language services for parent and community education

Reynolds School District Expulsion Hearings Officer

  • Presided over all expulsion hearings
  • Served as official decision maker for all expulsion cases
  • Reviewed student files of students presented for expulsion
  • Set date of expulsion hearings with needed accommodations
  • Reviewed administrative complaints against students up for expulsion
  • Contracted additional support services for struggling students
  • Secured alternative placement programs for struggling students
  • Produced all official expulsion hearing correspondence
  • Prepared reports for Cabinet on expulsion hearings

Marylhurst University –Cohort Coordinator of Secondary Education

  • Worked with Chair to craft custom programming for school districts
  • Liaised between the Education Department and schools for ESOL practicum
  • Oversaw the Practicum process for students instructors and supervisors
  • Supervised all practicum projects for students
  • Signed off on student recommendation for ESOL endorsement

Program Recruitment & Admissions

  • Collaborated with graduate admissions recruiter
  • Conceptualized and maintained plans of action for minority recruitment
  • Designed and facilitated information sessions for prospective students
  • Initiated and maintained correspondence with prospective students
  • Conducted file reviewed and make recommendations for applicant pool
  • Conducted interviews for all secondary education candidates
  • Worked with admissions to recruit students
  • Designed, edited and maintained all internal admissions files and forms

Mentoring & Advising (students & adjunct faculty)

  • Met with each student to review program of study
  • Developed and maintained specialized programs of study for part time students
  • Monitored and ensured licensing requirements are met
  • Monitored academic progress (including follow-up on conditional students)
  • Oversaw and mentored student development
  • Ensured all graduation requirements are met
  • Advised and developed plans for struggling students –
  • Worked with school personnel with clinical experience challenges
  • Wrote-up and monitored disciplinary contracts for students
  • Recruited, mentored and evaluated adjunct professors
  • Designed and executed professional development workshops & conferences for faculty and students

Marylhurst University –Cohort Coordinator (continued) Program Administration

  • Conceptualized, planned and administered new student orientations
  • Collaborated with M.Ed. coordinator and Department Chair to hire instructors
  • Facilitated collaboration between department and community stakeholders
  • Served as liaison between school districts, the community, and the university
  • Designed and processed program logistics—calendar, field experiences
  • Interviewed and Oriented new adjunct instructors
  • Introduced, trained, oversaw education systems and software
  • Designed program literature that orient student teachers
  • Reviewed work sample guidelines/process for supervisors
  • Troubleshot issues with University Field Supervisors
  • Upgraded department systems to align with accreditation expectations
  • Actively contributed to 2014-2017 State Accreditation Approval Processes
  • Forged beneficial partnerships between the Department & school districts
  • Led and monitored diversity initiatives in the Department

Clinical Practice

  • Served as liaison for secondary education and the school community
  • Built connections and forge lasting relationships with cooperating teachers
  • Worked with schools and MU to make placements for advisees in partner schools
  • Led professional learning communities of supervisors of students
  • Supervised field experience & state teaching licenses with Clinical Practice Mentors
  • Worked with supervisors to teach/assess clinical teaching examinations
  • Monitored progress of students in the field experiences in conjunction with university supervisors/mentors and school liaisons
  • Coordinated summer intern placements and activities for students

Curriculum & Assessment

  • Ensured that all syllabi include course goals and assessments aligned with state and national standards using departmental conceptual framework
  • Collaboratively formulated systems of assessment data for continuous improvement
  • Collaboratively set key assessments and capstone experiences for pre-service teachers
  • Analyzed data from key assessments for continuous improvement
  • Used data analysis to inform practice – continuous program evaluation
  • Mentored new hires to establish and align syllabi to department standards 

Marylhurst University –Coordinator of English for Speakers of Other Languages

Oversaw the ESOL program in the Education Department at Marylhurst University:

  • Ensured that all ESOL syllabi are aligned with state ESOL standards
  • Prepared ESOL program for state accreditation
  • Attended and participated in state-wide endorsement meetings
  • Created & maintained all ESOL documents for internal use & accreditation
  • Formulated systems informing best-practice and program improvement
  • Coached supervisors on best practices for ESOL
  • Worked with placement coordinator to find placements for ESOL students
  • Worked with Department Chair to hire ESOL supervisors and instructors
  • Collaborated with ESOL instructors for relevant content and teaching practice
  • Collaborated with other education entities to market/recruit for ESOL program

Marylhurst University –Coordinator (Endorsement Coordination)

  • Worked with Chair to craft custom programming for school districts
  • Liaised between the Education Department and schools for ESOL practicum
  • Oversaw the Practicum process for students instructors and supervisors
  • Supervised all practicum projects for students
  • Signed off on student recommendation for ESOL endorsement