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Dave Hanna, M.S.

Associate Faculty Emeritus

Dave Hanna, M.S.
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220 Grove Ave.
Prescott, AZ 86301

David’s research and teaching emphasizes an integration of natural history observation and objective scientific inquiry to help understand ecological processes.  His integration of geographic information systems analysis complements the more traditional methodologies and provides students tools to evaluate ecological processes at a variety fo scales.  The synergy between these fields is invaluable to helping monitor the health of our planet and build a sustainable future. 

David’s courses in Ecological Design also bridge the, sometimes opposing, disciplines of technology and ecology as we seek to understand what we can do as individuals and as a society to build a more sustainable future.  His experience and encouragement of “low-tech,” vernacular solutions for developing sustainable lifestyles emphasize a distinctly ecological approach.  However, his course in photovoltaic system design and installation emphasizes an obvious utilization of technology to helping solve our global energy crisis.

In his words, “Helping my students, who are increasingly technologically conditioned, grapple with this conundrum is always exciting. And, it is eminently rewarding watching them derive their own unique and often brilliant integration of these modalities whether in science or their own lives.”



Masters of Science in Teaching (MS)
1984 Antioch/New England Graduate School, Keene  N.H.
Emphasis on biological, ecological and environmental science education.

Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude)
1977 Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado. 
Emphasis on field biology, geology and anthropology.



Current Research Projects

Research associate and GIS coordinator: Influence of Ips beetles and fire on fuel structure in pinon juniper woodland, southwestern Colorado.
Research associate and GIS coordinator: History and Landscape Change in Dinosaur National Monument.



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