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Dawn Alexandra Murray, Ph.D.

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Dawn Alexandra Murray, Ph.D.
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I am passionate about protecting global ecosystems and promoting sustainability. I teach sustainability, environmental studies, oceanography, ecology, conservation, and numerous other courses. I graduated with a B.A. in Biology from UC Santa Cruz and examined deep-sea jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute for my M.S. I also co-created a citizen science program for NOAA called LiMPETS (Long-term Monitoring Program for Teachers and Students), with data collection/archiving continuing today in the west coast marine sanctuaries. For my dissertation, I examined the effects of armoring the coastline on intertidal biota, focusing on how rock type (temperature, color, hardness, texture, mineralogy, heat capacity) differs along the coast and why certain rock types may be better suited for armoring or sea walls. In addition, I serve on the board of the Tribal Trust Foundation and am actively involved in preserving global indigenous cultures and habitats. We are partnering with the Maya in Tulum for ocean conservation, the Monpas in Bhutan for climate change resiliency, and the Kakchiquel people of Guatemala for environmental justice. I am a full-time professor and Chair at Antioch University Santa Barbara and in August of 2016, I took a year leave to live abroad with my two sons (ages 13 and 11), as I wanted them to experience new cultures and global environmental issues first-hand. I am committed to effective communication, collaboration, resilience building, and education for sustainability and love the low residency model, as I am a life long learner.



2005               Ph.D., Ocean Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz, Advisor: Dr. John Pearse

1999               M. S., Marine Science, University of California Santa Cruz, Advisors: Drs. Mary Silver (UCSC) and     Bruce Robison, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

1999               Physiological Ecology and Biomechanics Semester, Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station

1997               Invertebrate Zoology, Semester, University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratory

1994               B.A., Biology, University of California Santa Cruz

1993               Costa Rica Conservation Biology and Community Ecology Research Program 

1989               The Thacher School, High School Graduation, Leadership Award





Current: Marine Conservation, Global Environmental Justice, Leading Climate Change Education, Protecting Indigenous Habitats



Past: Bird behavior in a tropical cloud forest, Whale shark habits Isla Holbox; Turtle nest count Tulum; The effect of climate change on intertidal plants and animals; Substrate type effects on rocky intertidal community assemblages; Studies of mesopelagic cnidarians; National Science Foundation Curriculum Development Deep Sea; Thyroxin induced strobilation in the moon jelly; Nectar preferences of the zebra long-winged butterfly in Costa Rica




2016             Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation in the Himalayas, Searching for the Endangered White Bellied Heron in Asia, Animal/Plant Conservation and Genetic Resources in Bhutan

2015             Ecological Conservation in Bhutan, Migrating Whales, Assisting Injured Marine Mammals

2014              Marine Conservation, Mbuti: Children of the Forest, Global Advocacy and Leadership

2013                 Teacher of the Year Graduation Address, Intertidal Erosion Surfrider Foundation, World Business Academy

2012                 Cnidarians SB Natural History Museum, Medusae Sea Center, Waste Management Mexico Community Environmental Council