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Kate P. Cabot, M.A.


Kate completed her BA from Prescott College in Critical Feminist Psychology as well as Cultural and Ecological Justice. Kate earned her MA in Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco’s School of International and Multicultural Education. Since 2005, Kate has been working with the Maasai Community Partnership Program, collaborating in decolonizing research and action which supports the community’s interest in land rights, cultural survival, wildlife conservation and tourism. Kate is the Co-Director of the Maasai Field Guide Training Program and works alongside the Mara Guides Association (MGA).


Kate’s work is a commitment to a shared collaboration that deconstructs hierarchical approaches that have been inherent to most work with marginalized communities, whether situated within the global south or in the U.S. She is committed to reflexive, rigorous, ethical, and critical scholarship. Kate understands these as fundamental to cultivating an engagement with analytical frameworks such as queer feminist decolonizing interventions on the structures and systems of power/privilege and oppression that are consistently navigated in everyday life. Kate guides students to understand how these structures are produced and reproduced and to cultivate a more inclusive knowledge of critical theory in order to strategically engage these complex relationships and examine the (re) production of these structures. Situated as a teacher, researcher, and activist, Kate continues engaging histories that inform structures of oppression, privilege, power, and continues to explicate relations to nation, gender, class, sexuality, race, and ability.


Currently, Kate teaches in the Global Studies Department and the Human Development and Psychology Department. Her current courses include:

Critical Psychology

Critical Animal Studies: Nonhuman rights

Indigenous Rights, Cultural Survival, and Tourism

Tourism and Conservation: Maasailand Case Study

Sexuality and Sexual Outlaws: Intro to Queer Studies

The F Word: Feminism, Women, and Social Change

Queering in Context: theory, history, and present identity

Human Rights Seminar

Culture & Identity in Film

Instruction at Prescott College

Instruction at Prescott College

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