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Rick Medrick, Ed.D.

Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Rick Medrick has worked for Prescott College since 1995 and has been a Graduate Advisor and Core Facullty for the MAP degree in Adventure Education prior to becoming one of the founders of the PhD program in Sustainability Education.  Since its inception, Rick has served as faculty and chair of this program, developing the procedures and protocols for completing this new and innovative doctoral degree and seeing several cohorts of student complete the program.  He also helped design the annual Sustainability Education Symposium and supported the development of the student-led Journal of Sustainability Education.

Rick's academic background includes a B.A. in Philosophy and Literature from Dartmouth College (1963) and a self-designed doctorate (Ed.D., 1985) in humanistic psychology and experiential education from the University of Northern Colorado.  He pursued other graduate study in philosophy, literature, and organizational development, and has taught adjunct courses and mentored students through a number of institutions.  His special interests have been in transpersonal psychology, deep ecology, ecopsychology, and personal/organizational transformation.

Rick's other career has been in the area of outdoor and experiential education.  After an early career as a ski instructor, river and mountain guide, he was the the founder (1973) and has been the executive director of Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars (www.olts-bt.com) devoted to training outdoor leaders in technical skills, group process and facilitation, and exploring issues and processes related to deep ecology, ecopsychology, and personal transformation.  He was an instructor and program director for the Colorado Outward Bound School and formerly served as a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in East Africa.  He has run courses for all kinds of programs including corporate groups and consulted with numerous schools and institutions.

Rick's current interest and focus of study is to examine and help evolve an integral, trans-disciplinary approach to the study of personal transformation and planetary sustainability.  This involves an investigation of the ways in which individuals and organizations develop and change, adapting to emerging conditions in social and ecological environments under stress.  Such transformation recognizes the continuing need for adults to learn and grow under optimal conditions that encourage initiative, creativity, personal responsibiity, communication, collaboration, and collective intelligence.  The role of the educator for this purpose is one of mentoring, coaching, and faciitating a lifelong learning commitment that engages students at the deepest level of their social, ecological, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual being.  This process recognizes the potential of each person, individually and collectively, to profoundly change and create a world that honors the potential of the human spirit to reach beyond established norms and paradigms to generate new models to explore human potential and enhance our connection to the larger, more-than-human world.  This is the vision of learning embodied in the Prescott PhD program

Dr. Medrick's OLTS website can be accessed at www.olts-bt.com.



B.A. Philosophy & Literature, Dartmouth College (1963)

Ed.D. Humanistic Psychology and Experiential Education, Univ. of No. Colorado (1985)



Adventure and Experiential Education

Humanistic and Transpersonal Education

Sustainabilility Education and Transformational Change