Limited-Residency Master of Arts and Post-Master’s Certificate Programs

Learners design unique degree programs to meet their needs and interests

PC Student at a Kenyan School,

"If you attend Prescott College, be prepared to see the other 99 percent of the world we tend to overlook." James Nez '02, M.A. '05, American Indian Studies with a focus on the Navajo Tribe

The Prescott College Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program provides the opportunity for highly competent adult learners to design unique degree programs that exactly meet their needs and interests. The Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program is committed to rigorous and innovative academic practices characterized by self-direction, critical discourse, research, experiential learning, and service.

In keeping with the College’s Mission, all Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program students incorporate an awareness of and sensitivity to issues of social justice and environmental sustainability into their programs.

Who Are These Programs For?

The ideal Prescott College graduate student is self-directed, has had prior success with independent learning, is enthusiastic, and can articulate his or her educational goals.

The Limited-Residency Master of Arts and Post-Master of Arts Certificate programs at Prescott College are ideal for students who wish to advance their undergraduate or professional experience, change their career track, or engage in advanced academic work for personal or professional gain while remaining in their home communities, without sacrificing personal or professional responsibilities.

Areas of Study

Prescott College offers Limited-Residency Master of Arts degrees in Adventure Education, Education (Equine-assisted Learning concentration is available as well as teacher or School Guidance Counseling certifications), Environmental Studies, Humanities, and Counseling. In Counseling we offer concentrations in Adventure-based Psychotherapy, Ecotherapy/Ecopsychology, Equine-assisted Mental Health, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Somatic Psychology. Post-Master's certificates are offered in all of the Counseling concentrations as well as in School Guidance Counseling and Equine-assisted Learning.

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