Academic Process

Adventure Education, Non-Certification Education, Humanities, and Environmental Studies Programs


Limited-Residency Masters students in Adventure Education, Environmental Studies, Humanities, and non-certification Education design highly individualized, interdisciplinary programs incorporating Theory, Practicum, and Thesis, in consultation with their core faculty and their designated graduate advisor. 

The student creates this program design at the outset of Master's studies at Prescott College with input from the graduate advisor and core faculty, presenting it as a formalized Study Plan. Students then update their Study Plans in each semester of enrollment as the exact course of study evolves and matures.

In order to graduate from Prescott College with a Limited-Residency Master of Arts degree in Environmental Studies, Humanities, Adventure Education, and non-certification areas of Education, students need to complete a minimum of 40 credits. Credits include a combination of theory, practicum, and thesis. Additionally, Limited-Residency Master of Arts students must deliver academic presentations and meet residency requirements. 

For the majority of students this will take four full semesters (two years) to complete. Additional time may be required for students who enroll with limited academic or professional preparation in their fields or whose programs include extensive research. Students who come to the program with strong preparation and a flexible schedule may be able to complete the program in as little as three semesters (18 months) of full-time study.

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