Core Curriculum

Limited-Residency Undergraduate Programs

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The Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program allows students to take and design courses in a variety of formats to
suit their learning style and busy schedules. Required and elective courses lead
to a comprehensive theoretical grounding in the competence area (major) that is
demonstrated through successful completion of coursework and the Senior Project.

In addition, the student must complete two breadth (minor) areas that support and
expand the learning accomplished in the competence area.

One Competence, Two Breadths

Within one of four Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program Areas of Study, students design an interdisciplinary major,
known at Prescott College as a competence area. The major is referred to as a
competence area for a reason: each student is expected to be competent in her or
his chosen area by the time of graduation. A competence is normally comprised of at
least 16 courses, including courses demonstrating practical application, and includes
a Senior Project completed in the final semester of the student’s program. Students
seeking the teaching credential in the Education & Teacher Preparation study area
replace the Senior Project with a supervised Student Teaching Practicum.

In support of the competence area, each Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program student completes an elected breadth
or minor. This breadth should not overlap with the competence area to the extent
that it duplicates it. A breadth normally includes 8-10 courses.

Students are also required to complete a breadth in the Liberal Arts in order to
demonstrate their learning in the major academic areas beyond the competence
and elected breadth areas. Faculty advise students on how to apply transfer or other
typically lower division courses to fulfill the Liberal Arts breadth.

Core (Required) Courses

  • Explorations in Interdisciplinary Studies (3 credits)
  • Professional & Academic Success Seminars 1 and 2 (2 credits each)
  • Eportfolio Labs (1 credit each)
  • Senior Project (7 credits) or Student Teaching (8 credits)

Elective & Self-designed Courses

Students choose from a variety of course formats to fulfill the competence and
breadth areas. These include online courses; self-paced, self-designed courses
supervised by mentors and faculty; and hybrid courses that combine in-person classes
with an online component .

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