Practicum and Internship Requirements

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Required Practicum and Internship

All students complete a supervised practicum and internship that meet the requirements of the licensing board of the state in which they intend to practice professionally.

Supervised Counseling Practicum

The three-credit counseling practicum is designed to facilitate refinement of counseling and interviewing skills and the development of new skills.  Through closely supervised one-to-one and group counseling experiences the student can expand his/her repertoire of counseling techniques and interpersonal relationship skills with opportunities to experience direct and specific feedback from a clinical supervisor.

The clinical training experience requires at least 100 hours at a suitable clinical agency, for a total of three semester credits.

Learning will be achieved through various means including: Moodle activities and assignments, experience, case discussion, reading and writing. Additional individual meetings between the practicum instructor and each individual student may also be arranged during the semester as needed.

Supervised Counseling Internship

The Counseling Internship experience is the final and most comprehensive professional experience in a student’s counseling program.  It is an opportunity to synthesize and apply knowledge with supervised training at a site congruent with the student’s career goals while counseling clients’ representative of the ethnic, lifestyle, and demographic diversity in the community.  Through the sharing of experiences in both group and individual supervision, students refine previously learned skills in an increasingly autonomous role with clients.

This clinical training experience requires at least 600 hours at a suitable clinical agency, and is covered by two, three semesters. See the Counseling Program Handbook for more information abut the contact hour of requirements of each of the Counseling Specializations.

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