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Orientation at Prescott College

The Resident Undergraduate Orientation Program: Over 45 Years of Transformative Experiences

For over 45 years, students have been introduced to Prescott College, to the Southwest, and to our community through Orientation. Most students choose to enroll in Wilderness Orientation, a 21-day expedition in the remote canyons and desert mountains of Arizona. Some students may enroll in Community Based Orientation, which is carried out as a set of multiple mini-expeditions throughout Arizona and is specifically focused on exploring Arizona’s ecological, political, and cultural boundaries. Through the context of all Orientations, students develop a sense of place, gain knowledge about Prescott College philosophies and processes, and become functional members of the Prescott College community by gaining transferable skills in interpersonal communication, leadership, and community building. Most importantly, they cultivate compassion and respect for self, the greater community, and the environment. Time and time again, Orientation proves to be a transformative and positive introductory experience for students at Prescott College.

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Orientation for Limited Residency Programs

All incoming Prescott College students are required to participate in New Student Orientation at the beginning of their first semester. Please see the Program Schedule for exact dates, times, and duration of events. During Orientation you will receive information and experience activities designed to guide you through your specific program. You will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty. Orientation is a time during which students and faculty from diverse cultures, different areas of study and expertise allows you to build friendships, exchange ideas and develop cohorts or informal networks to support you through the distance learning journey. Students typically come away from Orientation inspired, energized and ready for their next phase of independent scholarship.

Orientation Schedules