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Demonstrating Competence

You don’t complete a degree at Prescott College by ticking off a list of courses that someone else selected for you. You complete it by demonstrating Competence in the field of study you identified in your degree plan.

Competence can be attained in a variety of ways. Coursework at the college, service learning, specialized training taken elsewhere, and experience from jobs, independent studies, and internships can all support your acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed.

Each course you take contributes, as both you and your professor complete Narrative Evaluations, providing feedback on knowledge and skills acquired, opportunities for growth, and directions for future learning, in a way a letter grade never could.

And you demonstrate your competence by completing a Senior Project (or thesis at the graduate level). Your project can not be strictly theoretical, but must have some application in the world.   For many undergraduate students, the Senior Project serves as a bridge between school and what’s next – graduate school or a career – as it proves your ability to be successful in your chosen field.