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Experiential Education

Learn by Doing; Experience Your Education

Experience is the best teacher. All Prescott College programs include lots of doing, giving you valuable experience no matter what your area of study and no matter where your learning is taking place.

Doing allows you to put theory into practice, making abstract concepts concrete.

Doing builds a resume of experience not just a transcript of courses taken

And doing is fun. No one ever said your education had to be drudgery.

Where do we learn?

In classrooms and labs, in discussion with your professor and colleagues, to be sure, but also…

  • in the Grand Canyon, talking with park officials and land managers
  • in all sorts of schools, surrounded by eager young students
  • on small boats in the Sea of Cortez, researching marine life at our Kino Bay Center
  • at your kitchen table, in online discussions with your core faculty and learning cohort
  • on the side of a mountain and in the rapids of a wilderness river
  • at the US – Mexico border, interacting with immigrants, activists, ranchers and government officials
  • at one of more than a dozen other affiliated colleges around the country, where you can spend a semester at no extra cost to you
  • in Kenya, spending the summer living and working among the Maasai
  • in paid internships, provided during the student’s junior or senior year (beginning with the Fall 2016 incoming class)
  • in non-profits, government agencies, treatment facilities, juvenile justice centers, art studios, newspaper and magazine offices, on farms and ranches, in deserts and rainforests