Resident Undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts


Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree is one of the newest degrees Prescott College offers.  The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a more intensive degree for artists to pursue.  The degree combines history and theory of the arts and aesthetics with a curriculum aimed at giving students hands-on form and technique experience in creative writing, photography, studio arts, theatre, and dance.  A student earning a B.F.A. is expected to take more courses and develop an ambitious portfolio of creative work, as well as acquire professional training in the arts.  The B.F.A. is for students who wish not only to study the arts, but also to become practitioners of the arts they study.

The capstone experience for the Bachelor of Fine Arts is typically a substantial original creative project such as: a collection of stories, essays, or poems; a novel, plays or screenplays; photographic or studio arts exhibitions; dance or theatre productions.

The B.F.A. can prepare the student for a professional career as an artist or further graduate training in a discipline, as well as a career in such fields as arts administration, editing, journalism, curation, and teaching, which demand intensive focus and the ability to set and achieve ambitious goals.
Each degree is a rigorous program designed for students with excellent potential who want the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, skills, or experience and develop their talents for personal enrichment, preparation for graduate school and/or preparation for a professional career. You can choose from the following competences: Creative Writing , Interdisciplinary Arts and Letters , and Visual Arts .

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