Interdisciplinary Arts and Letters

Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA)


Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters

Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters is designed for ambitious students who want to emphasize the interrelatedness of the artistic disciplines, but do not wish to sacrifice depth or breadth of knowledge or mastery of technique. This degree is particular valuable for students interested in graduate study or careers as professional interdisciplinary artists, as arts administrators, and/or as teachers. The degree allows students to combine competence and breadth areas and requires significant study in three different disciplinary areas: Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts



BFA Requirements

Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters Requirements

• 24 full-course equivalents and a minimum of 88 semester credit  hours (if transferring credit) in the competence area must be completed to satisfy the B.F.A. requirements.
• 12 full-course equivalents (48 semester credit hours) must be completed at Prescott College.
• 12 or more courses (48 semester credit hours) must be upper-division, with a minimum of three upper division courses in each area. A minimum of 8 full-course equivalents/32 upper-division semester credit hours must be completed at Prescott College. This includes the B.F.A. Senior Project (4-8 credits)
• Creative Writing Requirements: 6-8 eight courses, including two literature courses and creative writing courses in at least two genres.
• Visual Arts: 6-8 courses, including at least one course in each of the following areas: Art History, 2-D, 3-D, and Photography.
• Performing Arts: 6-8 courses, including at least two courses in theatre and two courses in Dance, one course in Directing or Choreography, and one production course.
• Students must complete a practicum course in two of the three disciplines.
• At least two courses should be interdisciplinary in nature. These connections can be between disciplines in Arts & Letters or between Arts & Letters and other disciplines (e.g., Art Education, Writing as Performance, Family Systems in Film and Literature, Shakespeare, Literature in Performance, Theatre and Social Change, Literature of the American Dream, Nature and Dance).
• Senior Project (4-8 credits) must be mentored/evaluated by a Prescott College faculty member or approved instructor. It must be interdisciplinary in nature, and it must combine at least two of the three disciplines.
• B.F.A. students are also required to participate in Arts & Letters events and service projects.

Breadth Requirements

Breadth and Liberal Arts Requirements

No breadth or second competence is required because the interdisciplinary nature of the degree already demands breadth and depth. Although many courses in Arts & Letters are interdisciplinary in nature (e.g., Literature of the American Dream, Voices from Latin America, Theatre and Social Change, Nature and Dance, Art on the Periphery, Interpreting Nature Through Art and Photography), students are required to take at least eight courses outside of Arts & Letters, some of which may count toward the B.F.A. These might include Image and Power in Mass Culture, Holy Books, Philosophies of the Interpretive Naturalists, Nature’s Voice: Reading and Writing about Natural History, Family Systems in Film and Literature, among others.

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