Outdoor Experiential Education

A hands-on curriculum for outdoor skills and experiential education methods

Copper River Recon Rafting,

This option is for those who want to design hands-on curriculum and teach in the outdoors. It provides a background in educational theories and philosophies, and confers the technical, interpersonal, and group skills needed to be a competent field instructor. Exploring a breadth of technical outdoor skills and experiential education methodologies allows students to begin developing their own educational philosophies and teaching styles.  Students further refine their skills through teaching opportunities in both wilderness and classroom settings.  In addition, students prepare to work with people with diverse backgrounds and learning styles.


Sample Courses for Outdoor Experiential Education Emphasis

  • Teaching and Learning in Adventure Education
  • Multicultural Education
  • The Whole Athlete
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing
  • Experiential Education Practicum


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