Visual Arts

An interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum for the development of personal vision, creativity, and expression


The Visual Arts at Prescott College offers a BFA in Visual Art, and BA Competences in the following areas of study: Studio Arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Public Art), Integrative Photographic Studies (Digital and Analog Image Making, Video and New Media), and Visual Studies (Critical Theory and Practice). We provide an environment where students transform ideas and concepts into objects and visual experiences. Through a curriculum designed to introduce the importance, impact and influence of visual arts on the individual and society, students receive hands-on instruction in a variety of media, while developing a critical understanding of their art practice within contemporary visual culture. The faculty of artists in the Visual Arts Area endeavors to cultivate a sense of community through the common experience of the creative process and by sharing their professional experience with students. Our studio and field-based courses encourage students to refine creative thought and apply acquired knowledge and skill to the making of images, objects and experimental works. While our Practicum and Development courses provide students with professional experience in gallery and curatorial studies, preparing the student for careers in the arts after Prescott College.

Visual Arts Program Scholarships

The Visual Arts Program offers several endowed scholarships and fellowships for enrolled students.


Examples of Studio Arts Courses

  • Figure in Context: Narrative Painting
  • The Derivative Image: Abstract Painting
  • Observations of Nature: the Art of Scientific Illustration
  • The Art of Drawing: Contemporary Approaches to a Traditional Practice
  • Form and Function: Sculpture in Theory and Practice
  • New Genres in Sculpture
  • Art and Activism
  • Glassblowing
  • Ceramics
  • Printmaking
  • Beyond the Press: Large-scale Relief Printmaking
  • Public Art: Mural Painting
  • Public Art: Site-specific Sculpture

Examples of Photographic Studies Courses

  • Basic Photo Exploration I
  • Digital Imaging I
  • Intermediate Photo II/Digital II
  • Introduction to Video
  • Video Art
  • Documentary Photography
  • The New Darkroom
  • Advanced Projects in Art and Photography
  • Combined Media
  • Contemporary Perspectives in Photography
  • Arts, Culture, and the Socially Engaged Practice

Examples of Art History/Critical Theory Courses

  • Critical Concepts in Contemporary Art
  • Art on the Periphery
  • Religion and Spirituality in the History of Art

Examples of Practicum Courses

  • Visual Arts Exhibition Practicum: Gallery Management
  • Visual Arts Professional Development Practicum


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