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General Education Requirements

Prescott College’s Resident Undergraduate programs have only a limited number of core or general education requirements. Students must complete College Algebra or higher and must meet rigorous writing-across-the-curriculum requirements to demonstrate critical writing and research skills.

Writing Certification I (WCI) Basic College-Level Writing:

Proficiency: Writing Workshop at PC; equivalent course at another accredited institution (C or better); score of 3 or higher in Advanced Placement (AP) English; students who possesses exceptional writing skills may take a certification exam.

Writing Certification II (WCII): 

Three courses designated Writing Emphasis (WE), at least one of which is in the competence. WE courses may be Lower Division (LD) or Upper Division (UD). WCI is a prerequisite or co-requisite for a WE course. A maximum of two courses from another accredited institution could potentially be transferred in, based on successful completion (B or better) and review of course description to document that formal writing was a significant component of the course. The course must be sophomore level or higher; English 102 or equivalent first-year seminar or course would not meet this requirement. If this course is obviously a literature course or a discipline-specific writing course, the Registrar may record the credit before the student enrolls. If additional consultation is required, the advisor and/or a Writing and Literature faculty member would have the authority to review and approve these transfer courses.

Writing Certification III (WCIII):

 Upper Division Research Paper/ Writing Certification Research Paper, written in UD course/Independent Study in the competence or breadth area. The WCIII can be written in the context of one of the three WE courses or the WCIII can be negotiated in a different course or Independent Study contract with a faculty member or approved instructor. The WCIII must be completed before beginning the Senior Project.

Format Options

Prescott College has three approved formats for presenting competence(s) and breadth(s):

Format 1 – Competence/Breadth

• One Competence (16 courses, eight Upper Division including Senior Project)
• One Breadth (eight courses, two to three Upper Division)
• Additional Studies in Liberal Arts (five to eight courses)
Minimum Total Full-course Equivalents
• Thirty-two full-course equivalents for all students

Format 2 – Competence/Double Breadth

• One Competence (12 courses, six Upper Division including Senior Project)
• Two Breadths (six courses, two Upper Division per breadth)
Minimum Total Full-course Equivalents
• Thirty-two full-course equivalents for all students

Format 3 – Double Competence

• Two Competences (12 courses, six Upper Division per competence including two Senior Projects)
• Additional Studies in Liberal Arts (five – eight courses)
Minimum Total Full-course Equivalents
• Thirty-two full-course equivalents for all students


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