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Undergraduate Degrees at Prescott College

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We live in an interconnected world, which is why we provide an education that spans areas of study and brings together knowledge from various fields.

Intensive Learning Experiences

Every term at Prescott College begins with Block. During Block students take a single course for three weeks, known as a Block Course. This allows for an intensive and immersive learning experience that gives students an opportunity to dive deeply into a single topic or area of study. Students can experience the geology of the southwest while bikepacking for weeks at a time, or explore the culture and natural wonders of Norway. While many Block Courses are field-based, meaning they can take place in local communities or global destinations, some Block Courses are based on campus and provide students with the opportunity to continue living and working locally while engaging in intensive coursework.

Following Block, students take several courses at a time during the semester portion of the term. Students select courses that align with their areas of interest in addition to taking a Core Curriculum course, which provides support and structure as students make progress towards graduation. Learn more about the Core Curriculum.

Undergraduate Degrees

Are you looking for more flexible degree options? We offer online bachelors degrees through our limited-residency format. You come to campus for an orientation and then complete your coursework in your community. You’ll have the opportunity to design your degree within these four study areas. Click on a study area to find out more.