Welcome Green Mountain

Important Things to Know


  • By the tuition due date, all students must have their tuition paid in full, an accepted financial aid award or a Online Payment Options and Payment Plans in place. 
  • Students who need to make other payment arrangements, or those who have other billing questions, should contact the Business Office at (877) 350-2100 ext. 4000 or (928) 350-4000.
  • If the financial aid funds you accept are not sufficient to cover your entire balance due, the remaining balance will be your responsibility and must be resolved by the tuition due date. If you pay your tuition up front and later accept an award offer, you will be eligible for reimbursement. 
  • In addition to basic tuition and fees, new students will be responsible for a one-time transcript fee and the orientation fee in their first term.  New limited-residency undergraduate, master of arts, and Ph.D. students must be prepared to make arrangements at orientation if payment was not made by the published tuition due date.
  • Also, On-Campus Undergraduate students may have additional fees for specific courses. Full-time students who elect to enroll for more than 16 credits will be charged an additional per credit fee. 
  • Mandatory insurance for On-Campus Undergraduate students may be waived by completing the health insurance online waiver process. If students do not complete the online waiver before the designated date, they will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Any charges posted after financial aid funds have been paid will be the student’s responsibility.