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angelina smith

Angelina Smith

Associate Director of Admissions, Outreach and Recruitment

Angelina is based in Portland, Oregon. If you live in Oregon, Washington, or Northern California Angelina can meet with you in person.

About Angelina

As the Associate Director of Admissions, Outreach and Recruitment in Portland, Oregon, Angelina Smith is available to meet with prospective students throughout the Northwest. 


Bisbee, Arizona

Favorite part of your job:

I enjoy connecting with people and sharing stories about our lived experiences. I love to hear about what changes students see in the world and talk about how they want to interact with that change. I also love driving around the Pacific Northwest and taking in the beauty of this land

Undergraduate Degree:

Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University

Favorite aspect of Prescott College:

Prescott has spearheaded functional education. Giving an experience rather then a test is truly how we learn. I'm hard pressed to pick my favorite thing but the students and the community are at the top of my list.

Favorite thing to do in the area and the world:

Mountain biking and looking for bugs... not necessary at the same time.

Personal interests and hobbies:

Printmaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running, circuit training outdoors, drawing, painting, sculpting, and hanging with family!