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Changemaker Scholarship

New Scholarship Opportunities are Available for Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020!

The Changemaker Scholarship initiative guarantees a tuition scholarship to every new accepted student who applies by our priority application deadline that intends to enroll in a degree program for the fall 2019, spring 2020, or summer 2020 semester.

The following criteria shall be used in the awarding process to prioritize the identification of scholarship recipients:

  • Demonstrated passion and excitement for the mission and programs of Prescott College.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve strong academic success based upon previous academic background, activities, and community leadership involvement.
  • Demonstrated resilience and persistence in their lives, education, work and community engagement.
  • Commitment to use their degree to address the social, cultural, economic, educational, environmental, or health crises facing communities today.
  • Applicants who are members of communities most impacted by the social, economic, political and environmental problems they are working to solve.

Students who receive and accept the Changemaker Scholarship agree to support relationship building and outreach between Prescott College and their home state communities.

Please note: Students who are eligible to receive federal student aid may utilize their need based award toward any remaining expenses.

* Students who are currently enrolled or re-enrolling into an existing Prescott College program are not eligible for this particular scholarship.