Alumni License Plate

Introducing the Alumni Mighty Buck Club

Do you drive a car? Would you like to support Prescott College's turning 50? Do you have $35.00?
Congratulations - you qualify!

We have a supply of license plate brackets- You know, that frame that goes around your vehicle’s license plate.
Usually, they advertise either the car dealer you bought from or your favorite football team. Or they proclaim: “I’d Rather be Sailing."
We’re guessing that you’re more motivated by the pride that goes with your history with Prescott College.

So let’s proclaim that to the world - at bargain rates!

These brackets have previously been available at $50. In observance of our Prescott College 50th, they are now just $35.00!
Such a deal! Or as Mad Magazine advertised: “Cheap at half the Price!”

Make a donation today!

Fringe benefit: the comfort of recognizing each other in a traffic jam.
Fringe benefit II: You supported the College you truly care about.

Thanking you in advance, The Prescott College Alumni Association Board