Prescott College Alumni Volunteer Networks

Forging Stronger Connections with Engaging and Meaningful Service

The goal of the Office of Alumni Relations is to provide all alumni the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and social benefits of the college community while also offering a myriad of opportunities in which to participate. In order to foster a stronger connection and to keep alumni engaged in meaningful service, the following alumni volunteer networks have been developed.  These new networks will provide opportunities for dialogue, sharing knowledge, volunteer service, social interaction and philanthropy.

Prescott College Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Career Network

The primary purpose of the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Career Network is to build relationships between Prescott College alumni and current Prescott College students and/or other alumni through the sharing of career insights and accomplishments. Our goal is to increase the connection of alumni to Prescott College by engaging them in meaningful service through participation in an active career mentoring group.

Career Mentees
If you are interested in taking advantage of contacting a Career Mentor, please follow the instructions below.

  1. You can find the Prescott College ASK Mentor biographies at
  2. Once you have reviewed the mentors, you will be asked to complete the mentee information form and select your mentors at (You can choose up to 5 mentors).
  3. Your information form will be forwarded to your chosen mentors for contact. Please allow up to two weeks for your mentor to contact you.
  4. Once you have spoken to your mentor, please complete a mentor evaluation form.

Career Mentors
If you are interested in acting as a Career Mentor, please follow the instructions below.
One of your first and most important activities will allow us to list your professional career information on our web site.  All new mentors need to complete the form.
The goal of a Career Mentor is to connect with both Prescott College Alumni and Prescott College students in order to answer career-related questions and share career information. Career Mentors will be asked to submit career profiles which will be posted on the Prescott College Career Network Web space.  Prescott College students and alumni will be reviewed for eligibility based upon their interest in exploring careers for their program of study and/or exploring careers in other areas. Once approved, mentee information will be forwarded to you via email so that you may contact them. Your personal email, phone, or address information is not shared.

The expectations of a Career Mentor is to complete and maintain a current mentor profile which includes your employer information, regional information, and career experiences. Please notify the Alumni Office if unable to continue acting as a ASK mentor; Act with integrity by responding to all correspondence from students in a timely manner; Provide timely evaluations to the Alumni Director; Maintain a career/academic-focused relationship with participants; Communicate honestly and respectfully with mentees; and encourage other Prescott College alumni to join the ASK Career Network.

Prescott College Alumni Recruitment Network

Connect with your fellow alumni and assist Prescott College Admissions by joining the Alumni Recruitment Network! The premise of the Recruitment Network is based on the idea that individuals who already have a relationship with Prescott College are best qualified to serve as representatives for the College within their own communities.

The goals of the Prescott College Alumni Recruitment Network are:

  1. Increase the number of qualified students who apply to Prescott College.
  2. Increase Prescott College’s visibility and knowledge of its unique programs.
  3. Provide a local resource for prospective students and their families.
  4. Increase the connection of alumni to Prescott College by engaging them in meaningful service through sharing their positive experiences at Prescott College.

Why should I participate in the Alumni Recruitment Network?

  • Knowledge that you are giving back to Prescott College.
  • Knowledge that you are serving as a mentor for high school students contemplating their future.
  • Greater sense of connection to Prescott College stemming from increased awareness of the College, its programs, and what is happening on campus.
  • Ability to relive your own college experience through sharing memories with prospective students.

A Different Model for Prescott College: Community Based Alumni  Recruiting
Admissions representatives usually travel from town-to-town visiting 'target' schools once a year for 30 minutes – not the ideal way to develop relationships!  Imagine the state of your personal relationships if they consisted of a once-a-year 30-minute visit to prospective friends!
An alternative that seems well suited to Prescott College is community-based recruiting using alumni to develop relationships with schools in their own communities.  Being locals they really get to know counselors and teachers at their schools and meet interested students and parents

Get Involved
Will you have time this fall to get to know the people and schools in your community and tell them about how Prescott College positively impacted your life? If you do, then volunteer. It's that simple. Don't say," I could do this but I'm sure that somebody else will step forward."  They won't!
As an alumni representative for the college we will collaborate with you to identify the specific schools you will be responsible for and provide you with training, published materials on the college, and logistical support as necessary to accomplish your tasks.

The Pledge
Build relationships with schools and people in your community this fall for a modest honorarium plus expenses and the knowledge that you helped PC and made a difference in someone's life.

CONTACT: Marie Smith, Office of Alumni Relations for more information!