Desert Stars

Prescott College launched the Desert Star program to recognize alumni who are carrying the mission of Prescott College forward in their lives and work. Prescott College has amazing alumni living and contributing to their communities throughout the world, helping to make change in environmental stewardship, conservation, law and social justice, education, mental and physical health care, the arts, agriculture, community development, and every other discipline that contributes to living on Earth with ethics and responsibility.

This name, "Desert Stars," is inspired both by the incredible Northern Arizona night sky that is a treasured memory for every student who ever stargazed in the Southwest, and also for Monoptilon belioides, a tiny sunflower native to Arizona. The Desert Star program recognizes distinguished Prescott College alumni whose contributions have changed a community - large or small - for the better.

Congratulations to our existing Desert Stars:

Lee Stuart, '75           Kent Gugler, '73, '91
John Flax, '74 Kim Langmaid, '97
Michael Byrd, '96 Matuschka, '74
Jess Dods, '70 Becky Ruffner, '74
Anne Sterling Dorman, '74 Chanti Smith, '99
Carianne Funicelli, '98 Britt Bailey, '98
Doug Hulmes, '74 Chris Hout, '92
Fiona Reid, '00 Cameron Boswell, '04
Fred Harder, '74 Linda R. G. Edwards, Ph.D. '09
Jeff Salz, '74 Brendan Buzzard, '11
 Wanda Peters '80 Janet Ross, '03

Nominate a Desert Star

If you know a Prescott College alumnus that you would like to nominate as a Desert Star, please use the online nomination form below or contact the Alumni Office at 877.350.2100 ext 4502, or E-mail.