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Prescott College Meal Plan

At the Crossroads Cafe

A Prescott College meal plan allows students to pay in advance for tasty, nutritious meals in the Prescott College Crossroads Café, assuring a healthy diet and more time to spend on their studies. Student meal cards, which function as debit cards, allow students or their families great flexibility in planning ahead for the cost of meals. 

The Crossroads Café provides students with fresh, healthy, affordable food prepared simply and sensitively. The goal of the Café is not only to serve great food, but to help educate the College community about the roles that food plays in environmental, social justice, and nutritional issues. The menu changes daily and uses local, seasonal, organically grown, and sustainable foods whenever possible, prepared in traditional and innovative ways.


Meal cards are available in any denomination. Download the sign-up form:

Crossroads Café Meal Plan Application