Cody Anne

Cody Anne & Michael

Michael (Husband Micheal Yarnes, Prescott College) and I always say that one of the most important life skills we learned at Prescott College was how to conduct research. This made a huge impact on our personal and professional lives. Self-direction is extremely important in small business, and at Prescott college was all about self-direction.”

Currently, Cody Anne owns a successful real estate sales team, and Michael owns Rent Right Management Solutions. Cody Anne states, “For both of us, helping our community is the most satisfying part of our careers.  We love it here and everything we do revolves around making it a better place to live.” Their newest venture is an indoor climbing gym called Gripstone Climbing. “Gripstone has been the fun addition to all the hard work we have been doing in this town for many years. We are creating something for this community that we love and enjoy so much.  This gym will be a community of its own and fill a much-needed niche in the Prescott Area. We are so excited to be a part of it!”