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Wilderness Leadership, II

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This capstone field-semester takes an experiential and holistic approach to the study of outdoor leadership. Central to this approach is the implementation of authentic leadership opportunities in which students must enact plans, exercise judgment and decision-making, manage-risk, and utilize intricate safety-systems. Through activities ranging from backcountry skiing and riding, whitewater rafting, canyoneering, alpine climbing and glacial mountaineering, students work to further formulate and refine their leadership style and apply previously developed technical expertise. Guiding and directing this process is the exploration of leadership theory and models, which are sequentially introduced to help shape leadership character and intuition. Leadership is first practiced in narrowed structured means, such as designated field roles, but then applied to broader contexts such as personal and organizational situations, better preparing students for program management and supervisory roles. Throughout the course the technical activities serve as a means for students to reflect on their successes and failures, receive feedback from colleagues and obtain coaching and mentoring from instructors.