Colloquia and Symposia at Prescott College


Colloquia for all limited-residency Masters and Ph.D. programs are offered twice each year. Participation in a certain number of these gatherings - the number varies by program - is required for graduation. These meetings are a time for students to share their research and learn about the work of others in the field, meet with their faculty, and gather with their cohort of fellow learners. The Colloquia include a keynote address from an expert in the field, and provide both information and inspiration as students continue on their learning path.

The presentations at these events are open to the public, and are a great way for students who are considering the programs to find out more about the learning model at Prescott College. Click here for upcoming Colloquia schedules and past presentations


Prescott College hosts several symposia throughout the year. Each spring the Ph.D. program in Sustainability Education hosts a Sustainability Education Symposium. The Master of Arts in Social Justice & Community Organizing program hosts a Community Strategy Summit (formerly the Thumbprint Summit) and various undergraduate classes host symposia as capstone projects for their course. View past presentations below.

Symposia are free and open to the public and are also available via Livestream.