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Community Strategy Summit

A Social Justice & Human Rights Conference

The Community Strategy Summit (formerly The Thumbprint Summit) is a conference organized by Social Justice and Human Rights Masters Program. It is a call to arms.This is not a conference on what has been done to make our lives this way but a conference to discuss how to build the society we want to be a part of. A vital component of our past, current and future success is to share strategies, tactics and victory stories to inspire and motivate resistance. We invite and welcome like minded individuals, informal and formal community groups, both traditionally trained academics and organic intellectuals to submit proposals. We are looking for submissions dealing with, but in no way are limited to: the prison industrial complex, deportation, systemic exploitation, combatting dominant ideologies, police and state violence, marginalization of communities and anything in between.

The summit format will include panels, workshops, presentations, and talking circle discussions. Presenters, including paper panels, should plan for a 75 minute presentation that includes question and answers.

You can watch presentations from last year's summit here.

Speaker submissions are currently open for the Community Strategy Summit: Continuing the Anti-Colonial Struggle on March 31st- April 2nd, 2017. To submit paper panels, workshops or an organizing presentation click here.

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Ernesto Todd Mireles