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The Tenth Annual Sustainability Education Symposium

Building Bridges: Transforming the Way We Approach Sustainability 

Keynote: "Blue Mind" - Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Date of Keynote: Friday, April 13, 2018

Time: 6-7:30 pm
Location: Crossroads Room 100

A ground breaking conversation surrounding Blue Mind, a New York Times Best Seller by author Wallace J. Nichols, on the remarkable truth about the benefits of being in, on, under or simply near water. Combining cutting edge research with compelling personal stories, Dr. Nichols shows how proximity to water can improve performance, increase calm, diminish anxiety, and increase professional success. Blue Mind not only illustrates the crucial importance of our connection to water - it provides a paradigm shifting ‘blueprint’ for a better life.

Keynote Workshop: The Seven Ages of Water

Dr. Nichols will lead an interactive discussion of the Seven Ages of Water taking the Blue Mind conversation even deeper.

Date of Workshop: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Time: 9-10:30 am

Speaker Bio

Dr. Marna HaukDr. Wallace “J.” Nichols is a scientist, wild water advocate, movement-maker, New York Times bestselling author, and dad. His research and expeditions have taken him to coasts and waterways across North, Central and South America, to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. This is what keeps his colleagues and collaborators working hard to understand and restore our blue planet. J. is a Research Associate at California Academy of Sciences and co-founder of Ocean Revolution, an international network of young ocean advocates, SEE the WILD, a conservation travel network, Grupo Tortuguero, an international sea turtle conservation network, and Blue Mind Fund, reconnecting people to water. He has authored and co- authored more than 200 scientific papers, articles and reports and his work has been broadcast on NPR, BBC, PBS, CBS This Morning, Discover Channel, National Geographic and

Animal Planet as well as featured in Time, Newsweek, GQ, Outside Magazine, Fast Company, Scientific American and New Scientist, among others.

Keynote Workshop: "Radiant Lessons from Feminism, Masculinities & Earth"
with Drs. Paul Pulé & Marna Hauk

Around the globe, unfettered industrialization has marched forth in unison with massive social inequities. Making matters worse, anthropogenic pressures on Earth’s living systems are causing alarming rates of thermal expansion, sea-level rise, biodiversity losses in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and a sixth mass extinction. As various disciplines have shown, rich white men in the Global North are the main (although not the only) perpetrators of this slow violence. This book demonstrates that industrial/breadwinner masculinities have come at terrible costs to the living planet and eco-modern masculinities have failed us as well, men included.

Dr. Pulé’s work and his book of the same title is dedicated to a third and relationally focused pathway: ecological masculinities. Dr. Pulé’s work explores the ways that masculinities can advocate and embody broader, deeper and wider care for the global through to local (‘glocal’) commons. Ecological Masculinities works with the wisdoms of four main streams of influence that have come before us. They are: masculinities politics, deep ecology, ecological feminism and feminist care theory.

Date of Keynote Workshop: Wednesday, April 11, 2018
3:45 - 6:00 PM

Speaker Bios

Dr. Marna Hauk

Dr. Marna Hauk

Dr. Marna Hauk innovates intersectional ecofeminist education that recenters the planetary system as radically regenerative teacher and matrix culture source. Dr. Hauk leads the Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies and teaches and mentors at Prescott College, catalyzing ecosocial incubators for visionary-activism. With 90 peer-reviewed presentations and publications, Hauk roots into living wisdom and matrix culture patterns of biocultural generosity and mutualism, drawing these into fresh possibility and grounding them in practice. Co-editor of Community Climate Change: A Mosaic of Approaches (2017), she mixes queering, gender justice, and Earth-centered practices for Gaian flourishing.

Animal Planet as well as featured in Time, Newsweek, GQ, Outside Magazine, Fast Company, Scientific American and New Scientist, among others.

Dr. Paul Pulé

Dr. Paul Pulé

Dr. Paul M. Pulé is an Australian scholar and activist specializing in men, masculinities and their impacts on others and self. His research and community education efforts are dedicated to creating a healthier planet for all. Paul continues to work on conceptual and practical approaches to Men and Earth.He is a scholar and community leader specializing in the intersection between men, masculinities and Earth. Through this work, Paul has become an internationally recognized Mentor, Advocate, Leader and Researcher, working one-on-one, with businesses and communities, writing books, conducting studies and leading seminars and workshops that aim to help make the world a better place for all.

He is currently completing a book about men, masculinities and Earth with his colleague Assoc. Prof. Martin Hultman on the topic of Ecological Masculinities. This book guides men to care about our Earth, communities, families, each other and self. It’s a book whose time has come.