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Anne Sterling-Dorman

ProgramBachelor of Arts
Area of StudyEducational Administration
Graduation Year1974

MBA Finance and Accounting, San Diego State University, 1978

Since graduating from Prescott College I've been a farmer, a business owner, a Big 5 public accounting senior principal (9 years), an independent consultant serving as interim-CFO for venture capital backed high technology and bio-medical companies; served as a board member and teacher at the Boojum Institute; spent 20 months traveling the world, primarily Southeast Asia and India; and have been a lesbian rights activist, a non-profit change agent, a mother, a spouse and a friend.

My Prescott College education contributed toward my accomplishments because it allowed me to not be afraid to "dive in," convinced me that the process was more important than the outcome and taught me to take the first step.

Advice to students: Just do it. Observe the world and those who've come before, but don't be constricted by your observations. Know that one voice makes a difference.