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David Meeks

Prescott College AffiliationSupporter
Graduation Year1973

Board of Trustees member David Meeks is former owner of Sonoma Rentals, a successful equipment rental company, and has served as president of the KAKATU Foundation, the Meeks family foundation. 

Several years ago David and his siblings visited the Prescott College Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies on the Gulf Coast of California in Sonora, Mexico, to learn first-hand about the Environmental Education and Community Leadership Program (EECLP). 

The EECLP fosters environmental awareness, community stewardship, and leadership skills through weekly classroom sessions, field activities, and community projects that reach 600 local youth between the ages of six and 17. 

One visit to witness the joy and excitement of the children as they learned how to care for their natural surroundings was all it took to convince David and his family that EECLP is a program worthy of philanthropic support. 

The KAKATU funds support the Center’s Conservation Fellowship Program fellows, who implement the EECL Program. To date, the Kino Bay Center has awarded fellowships to 26 social and environmental scientists from five countries.