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Dillon Metcalfe (Kelly Megan Stack Scholarship Recipient)

Prescott College AffiliationSupporter
Area of StudyEnvironmental Studies
Graduation Year2013

Prescott College student Kelly Megan Stack passed away in 2007, just a year shy of receiving her degree in Environmental Studies. A world traveler and highly active outdoorswoman, Kelly liked her expeditionary courses best.

“Kelly had a sense of assurance and presence about her and a smile that lit up a room. She touched many lives,” says her mother, Anna Cook.

In 2009, Kelly’s family established the Kelly Megan Stack Memorial Scholarship Fund to assist financially needy Prescott College undergraduate students interested in environmental sciences, natural history, and environmental education.

A Kelly Megan Stack Scholar, Dillon Metcalfe finished high school in2004 and decided to take a break to examine his interests in and motivations for continuing his education. For five years he repeatedly sought employment opportunities where he had a chance to share his passion for the outdoors with other people.

“Along with my love of simply being outside, I enjoy learning about the environment I’m moving through,” Dillon says. “I believe that it’s possible to move toward a more sustainable relationship with our planet. I view my time in college as an opportunity to prepare myself for a life of constructively managing public lands for today and the future.”

Dillon comes from a self-described “financially insecure” background, and credits his ability to continue a post-secondary education to the scholarships he’s received.

“I want to make sure you understand how grateful I am for this gift,” he says. “I work very hard to make sure I get the most out of my education. I’m learning a great deal about environmental science and adventure education – and having a lot of fun while doing it.”

A fitting legacy for the young Renaissance woman who, according to her family, lived each day with passion and love.