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Doug Hulmes

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
ProgramBachelor of Arts
Area of StudyEnvironmental Science
Graduation Year1976

M.S. Environmental Education and Administration, George Williams College, 1976

After receiving my master's degree, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience working as a park ranger and interpretive naturalist at Canyonlands National Park. I returned to Prescott College in 1978 to help administer a Youth Conservation Corps program and also assumed the responsibilities of teaching in the Environmental Studies program, where I designed the program emphasis in environmental education.

During the past 20 years I have worked on numerous environmental issues, including the 1984 and 1990 Arizona Wilderness Bills. In 1990 I was co-recipient of the National Wilderness Education Award sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and the Isaac Walton League. During the fall of 1991, I spent my sabbatical in Norway teaching at Olavskolen Folkehogskole. In 1994 I received the Educator of the Year Award and the President's Appreciation Award from the Arizona Association for Learning in and About the Environment (AALE). In 1996 I was the guest professor at Telemark College, where I instructed in Norway's first interdisciplinary environmental studies program.

Since 1992 I've been performing John Muir under contract with the Arizona Humanities Council. In May of 1998, I received an award for outstanding presenter at the National Wilderness Rangers Conference. I have always held a deep regard for nature and reverence for life.

The friends I made, and the landscapes and diversity of cultures I have experienced as a result of Prescott College, both as a student and an instructor have given me lifelong inspiration and passion for my work.

Advice for students: Examine and challenge your beliefs and try to live out your convictions. The world is full of wonder and opportunities to learn. Ask yourself if you are giving back as much as you are taking from the gift of life.